Closing the Garden

The beautiful inlaid stone walkways

Protecting the Walkways

Draining the Pond

Saving the Fish

Craning a Small Trackhoe into the Garden

Renovation of Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland Oregon
The liner in the garden was in danger of failing so we came up with a solution to install a secure liner that would last for the long term. We removed the old liner and excavated 9"" of crushed rock from the pond. We sourced 100 tons of Tai Hu stone from China that matched the existing garden stone. We built a gunite  shell and then concealed it with the new stone and spread river rock on the floor of the pond. The time frame for construction was very tight as we had to be open again for Chinese New Year. We made our deadline with 6 days to spare.
The logistics for this construction were very difficult as everything had to be either hand carried or craned into or out of the garden. The team we assembled to help us in this en devour were all great craftsmen that we had worked with over the past 30 years in Oregon so it went seamlessly. I sincerely thank them all. 

JJ Coulter of Paragon  Excavation who did so much!
Dan Medford of Medford Meyers Shotcrete
Tom's team from Cascade Pools who placed all the re bar.
Steve Cron Masonry who blended the new into the old.
The staff at Lan Su who did so much to help us succeed.
The crew from Hughes Water Gardens 🙂

Latest comments

23.06 | 16:40

This place is AMAZING. The pond walk w/ Koy alone. But then to explore all they have to offer... our pagoda fountain! The staff was fantastic and very helpful

16.06 | 08:10

I've spent a couple hours looking over your wonderful work. I can't wait to visit your store. Your waterfalls and ponds are amazing

05.09 | 20:04

Over the years you folks have always been there when I needed you. You have a customer for life, and I recommend you to everyone!

23.08 | 20:22

This is my first attempt at Pond Gardening. Thanks for the products, advice in building it, and for the nice plants. It's so pretty!