Claremont Falls Before

Claremont Falls

Bishop Falls Wilsonville Oregon

The Oregon Garden Entry during Construction

Oregon Garden Entry Falls

Rhoads Falls West Linn Oregon Before

Rhoads Falls West Linn Oregon

King Residence Hillside

Nursery Entry Falls

Bowen Falls

Gordon T. Ledbetter 01.10.2017 20:34

Superb! The work of a master landscaper, an artist in his craft. Congrats!

aaron wing 11.05.2014 09:37

I love your work and would love to speak with you. I visited the portland japanese garden amazing! Maybe one day we could work together. I am currently working

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Latest comments

23.06 | 16:40

This place is AMAZING. The pond walk w/ Koy alone. But then to explore all they have to offer... our pagoda fountain! The staff was fantastic and very helpful

16.06 | 08:10

I've spent a couple hours looking over your wonderful work. I can't wait to visit your store. Your waterfalls and ponds are amazing

05.09 | 20:04

Over the years you folks have always been there when I needed you. You have a customer for life, and I recommend you to everyone!

23.08 | 20:22

This is my first attempt at Pond Gardening. Thanks for the products, advice in building it, and for the nice plants. It's so pretty!